Writing for your business: understand the different services available

Get writing support to build your author platform, business platform or to write a book. This blog breaks down the services available to help you identify what you need.

Self-publishing a book? Find out what type of editor you need (with a FREE downloadable chart).

If you want your self-published book to succeed and make money, there are two things you need: good writing and visibility. Use editors for good writing. Establish an author platform for visibility. This blog is about understanding the variety of editors to choose from (whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction).  (There will be aContinue reading “Self-publishing a book? Find out what type of editor you need (with a FREE downloadable chart).”

The difference between proofreading and proof-editing

The aim of a proofreader is to ensure that a piece of writing is clear. The aim of a proof-editor is to improve the reader’s experience. This blog discusses the difference between the two services to help you decide which would benefit you more.