I have hired Nazneen for the proofreading of several projects, blogs and other materials. She provides an efficient service while also being very collaborative and understanding of the different audiences I am writing for.

Hanif C.


Proofreading is a final quality check or tidy-up of the last draft (the ‘proof’) of a written text (business documents, brochures, manuscripts, blogs, etc). It is usually done just before publishing/printing. The aim of a proofread is to eliminate errors as much as possible by checking:

  • for mistakes in spellings and typos, punctuation, hyphenations, and page references
  • (if the document has been formatted/in typeset) that the layout and format is correct and consistent, looking out for odd word breaks, hyphen stacks, orphan and widow lines, and incorrect placement of captions and images
  • that basic facts are consistent within the document
  • for consistency and clarity

I can proofread hard copies, PDFs and MS Word documents. You can choose how you want your document to be corrected (‘marked up’). For example, I can use BSI 5261-2 (2005), PDF commenting tools, MS Word Review tool, or make simple notes in the margins – the choice is yours. I will proofread in a supportive way that ensure clarity of your text.


Proof-editing is useful if no other editor has been involved in helping to edit, shape and sharpen your text. A proof-edit will improve your writing but does not include project management (liaising with designers, illustrators, etc) or checking for libellous statements within the text. This service is very useful for self-publishers and businesses who do not have the budget to hire both a copyeditor and a proofreader. You can expect me to make your writing clearer and more effective by:

  • suggesting minor-to-medium edits to wording, sentences and structure
  • suggesting improvements for readability and clarity
  • apply copywriting techniques to sharpen messaging
  • retain or enhance your voice
  • carry out proofreading

This will be done using the MS Word Review tool.

Self-publishing support

Self-publishing books is not as straightforward as it sounds. Self-publishing successfully is even less obvious and straightforward. I provide support to individuals wanting to write non-fiction books and help them to achieve their specific goals.

…Nazneen has a strong eye for details, and her understanding and technique in proofreading is superb. I look forward to publishing my book now with confidence that it’s been through a rigorous review.

Zirrar A,

The Process

The process and each client’s needs will be different but below offers a very general idea of how the process may go.

  1. We will discuss the nature of your document and expectations (nature of content, deadlines, milestones, costs, etc)
  2. You can choose to send me a sample (up to 500 words). I will work on the sample and return it to you. This will allow you to see if I am the right fit for the job and allow me to create an accurate quote. Please send content that is from the middle of of your text (not the beginning or the end).
  3. I will send you a quote, a payment schedule, and a set of terms and conditions for you to agree (all are negotiable).
  4. You will send your text (or a link to access your text) along with any helpful information, such as a brief, samples, or a style guide.
  5. You can expect me to get on with the work.
  6. I will send your ‘marked up’ copy (a version with recommended corrections) and a clean copy (if possible) by the deadline, with a final invoice.
  7. Payments can be made directly by bank transfer or PayPal (Xoom).


Each client and job have different requirements. It’s best to discuss the work to get a quotation. Rates are negotiable and are dependent on many factors. My rates reflect my experience and training. Furthermore, regardless of how large or small your job is, you can expect a high level of professionalism and customer service.

You may also want to discuss taking advantage of discount rates given

  • to new clients
  • for large pieces of work (which often qualify for lower fees)
  • for long-term projects, or
  • a retainer fee, which can be very cost effective

Bank transfers and PayPal are accepted. An invoice will be emailed to you with details.

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